I like to think of my work as: each work as one utterance, often but not always bounded by silence. The gesture of speaking out loud the utterance is crucial for me, and is part of my ongoing interest in language as a tool for subversion and change.

Language is not just a matter of course of the given, the obvious, the understod. Among other things, social order, power hierarchies, human relations and repressive structures is kneaded into it - and in a seamless manner, which means that we do not sense it, because we already are embedded in the language, and it is part of us. It is through language that society is articulated - in a sense it is the language that constitutes it. In any case it is a prism.

Within the potentiality of sculptural landscaping, and at the gesture of speech itself both as material and form, my work involves text production and sculptural objects that follows linguistic construction.

I work with sculptures that enact scenarios for what a restless and evolving language might look and sound like. Seeking to destabilise the rigidities of grammar, whilst subverting ideological and moral conventions. Through an ongoing engagement with performativity of sculptures and text, my practices turn to languages on the threshold – languages that evolve and mutate in a continuous state of becoming, yet insisted on and put to work the productive tensions between hyper-subjective readings and shared rationalities, which moves between silence and the language of shape and scale.


Sif Ankergård (bordn in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1984) is graduating in spring 2015 from the Masters of Fine Art at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Bergen, Norway. Holds a BA of Fine Art (2009 - 2013) from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Has participated in the EEA residency in Belitz Hailstade, Germany in 2011, and the 25m2 residency in Helsinki, Finland in 2012. She started developing her own artistic language at Kunsthøjskolen Thorstedlund, Frederikssund, Denmark, in 2008.


Selected shows:

2014 Nervous systems – Language of wonder and denial. Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark.

2014 Open Studio. Annual masters 1 exhibition at Bergen academy of art and design. Bergen, Norway.

2014 A mouth. Solo show at Galley Fisk. Bergen, Norway.

2013 Graduates show - BFA. Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Amsterdam, Netherlands

2013 Beyond Babylon. Oude Kerk. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2012 BYOB. Gallery Knipsy. Bergen, Norway.

2012 Out of the fridge. Berm collective gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2012 Salon. Atelier Kaptein, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2012 Hide and Seek. Published in Soanyway, online art magazine:

2012 OMG. Oude Kerk - Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2012 Late rooms. last minute group, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2011 Borders reach and move. Residency exhibition. Belitz Hailstade, Germany.

2011 Self-representations. Wormerweerstraat 15, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2011 The Shed. Zeeburger dijk, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2009 The group. Kunsthøjskolen Thorstedlund. Frederikssund, Denmark.

2008 Open atelier. Kunsthøjskolen Thorstedlund. Frederikssund, Denmark.