Moments in time



Dear Sif,

After our trip to the woods, I promised to write you.

I was speechless at the moment, just having spent 80 years with you in the forest, what was there to say.

And still when I think about what I experienced, I turn to silence. But here are some scattered thoughts.

I thought you would take me criss-cross through the forest, deviating from the path, traveling an unmarked route. This path seemed marked but you took me wherever you wanted me to go, like being led in a dance, and I am not a dancer, so slightly uncomfortable in this inescapable intimacy. Delivered to you and to me.
You invited me to spend a moment in time with you but I think we spent a moment outside of time. I considered spending the rest of my life on the elevated bench in the middle of the forest. In this moment outside of time there was nothing to say. (some tears came to my eyes, but facing the infinite, crying seemed senseless.) I could only be.

And the crow was magic.

The work coincided with the moment. It was what it was. In the moment there is no reflection, no distance. It cannot be represented by anything, and probably it can’t be framed by anything. So I am quite curious how you have developed it, what happened, what you did and what you thought.

I would like to thank you for sharing the moment with me. It continues to make a big impression on me.

I hope you arrived sound and safe in Amsterdam.